Success stories

Throughout all these years, we have worked and collaborated with many technologies on various challenges for all kinds of industries. When it comes to being able to face new projects, this flexibility and ability is what we believe makes us a true software factory.

We want to share some success stories we have worked and collaborated with.

Agro Globe

Description: Software solution that targets the Argentine agricultural producer and aims to facilitate and add value on every involved processes. Be these productive, administrative or commercial. Their vision is to provide a tool capable of empowering the producer through better and greater quality and access to information.

Services: Software Consulting, Software Development, Support & Maintenance, Agro Solutions. We develop the platform and web application necessary to meet the objectives set.



Management platform for radio taxi fleet trips. This solution allows the integration of phone calls with the new channels used by passengers.

Services: Software Consulting, Software Development, Mobile App, Support & Maintenance. We developed a mobile app for taxi drivers, through which the driver receives and takes or rejects the available trips according to their geolocation. An additional management web app was developed to be able to visualize the location of the fleet and the trips made by each one.

Banco Macro

Description: Private bank with the largest branch network in Argentina, positioned as the top national private capital bank. The group has 7,925 employees, 1,772 ATMs, 957 self-service terminals and a structure of 500 service points

Services: Software DevelopmentSupport & Maintenance. We develop an educational web platform for financial inclusion, with embedded games for mobile devices.

Columbus Zuma


 Investment banking group, headquartered in Buenos Aires with presence in Uruguay, focused on Corporate Finance, M&A, Capital Markets, Portfolio Management, Financial Advice, Purchase and Sale of Titles and Shares, Alternative Investments and Research.

Services: Software ConsultingSoftware DevelopmentSupport & MaintenanceWe took over the maintenance and development of their mobile application and developed internal management tools for daily financial operations and for their client’s investment portfolio management.


Description: Central Bank of Argentina.

Services: Creative DesignSoftware Development, Mobile App. We designed a character alongside entertaining and educational tales of financial inclusion for mobile devices.


Description: Leading Argentinian shipyard in the manufacture of boats and vessels.

Services: Software Consulting, Software Development, Support & MaintenanceWe developed a management web app to support the  boats manufacturing process, their sales and final  delivery.

Arca Group

Description: Financial services company specialized in personal microcredits.

Services: Software Development, Support & Maintenance We develop a web app for the management of those credits, payments and clients.

La Paloma

Description: Equine Embryo Transplant Center specialized in Polo.

Services: Website Design & Development. We designed and developed the company’s website.

Sambo Sound

Description: Music streaming service targeting new and independent Latin American artists. Additionally, it’s an online store where you can buy the physical albums of the artists that are not available elsewhere.

Services: Software Consulting, Software Development. We developed the streaming platform and integrated the payment and shipping processes so that users can listen, buy and discover the next Latin American artist.

Southern Breeders

Description: Argentine startup for training, reproduction and management of  Turf and Polo equines. It provides services to various national and international owners.

Services: Software Consulting, Software DevelopmentSupport & Maintenance, Agro Solutions We designed and developed the management web platform for  equines training and marketing. This platform offers owners the possibility to remotely and transparently view all daily carried out activity on their animals.

Talenters Consulting

Description: Headhunting leaders in the executive segment. We offer an efficient response to the need of covering high-level positions in both large companies and startups, combining our extensive experience in the market with the latest technology tools. 

Services: Software Consulting, Software DevelopmentSupport & Maintenance. We are continuously advising on next steps in terms of software technology. We developed the web platform that supports all their operational processes for search and recruiting, follow ups, and placements.

Volkswagen Argentina

Description: German automotive company.

ServicesSoftware DevelopmentSupport & Maintenance. We carried out the integration with Afip’s Maria System. It’s in charge of calculating and reporting taxes based on the company’s imports and exports.


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