About Us

We started our activities in 2006 as a young and dynamic Software Factory, providing services to the public and private sectors. Since then, we have found our main motivation and passion in the innovation, creation, development and delivery of high quality software solutions. We want our work to represent for our clients and their needs a substantial, measurable and sustainable improvement over time.

About Us


Become the technological and strategic partner of our clients, closely accompanying them in their decisions and collaborating with their growth. Advising and developing software solutions that really tackle their short, medium and long term goals.


Help, through our products and services, to position Argentina and its resources as one of the best places in the world for software development. We aim to push forward the efficiency and leadership of the Argentine agricultural industry, with innovative and sustainable software solutions that enhance the world's food production.



We believe that there is no IT without innovation. Being able to push our technical boundaries and embrace innovation gives us flexibility, the ability to fearlessly seek solutions, and a broader understanding of how software technologies evolve and their potential impact.


We are committed to the quality of our processes, products and services. It is an essential value of our culture that pushes us towards the achievement of our objectives and those of our clients, and keeps our need for continuous improvement on fire.


In every action and every decision, we place our clients as the central axis. We believe that our commitment to their needs and satisfaction is key.
Client always comes first, and building a trustworthy relationship is an obligation.


We put special attention to human quality and professional ethics of everyone whom we work with. In order to give our best and work as a team, a healthy and positive work environment in which we can interact naturally and comfortably is necessary.
This happens when manners and objectives are shared.

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About our founder
Ernesto Santamarina
Founder & CEO

“Software solutions today play a key role in all our activities, devices and industries. A lot of time, effort, money and all kinds of resources are used every day in the world to produce some kind of software in order to solve problems or satisfy our needs. For these reasons, as software creators, we must ensure to do it in an efficient, responsible and sustainable way.”


We are proud to accompany and empower our clients.


We work together with our strategic partners to provide complete solutions for our clients needs.

More than 12 years of certified experience making available to our clients the most qualified professionals in the sector to guarantee their business success.

More than 20 years of experience in management, implementation, support and maintenance of networks, servers and infrastructure.