The long term impact, investment, benefits and risks involved when developing software projects that support your business processes are huge, that is why we honor the deposited trust with capacity, responsibility and real solutions that fulfill our customers needs.


We found our passion in the creation, innovation, development and delivery of high quality tailored made software solutions. We embrace every challenge presented to us because software development is what we love, what we know. The long term impact, investment, benefits and risks involved when developing software projects that support your business processes are huge, that is why we honor the deposited trust with capacity, responsibility and real solutions that fulfill our customers needs.

The process


To assure transparency in the development process, we use agile methods with flexible and dynamic communications that guarantees our client’s visibility and participation through the whole process. Early client feedback with multiple quick iterations are key to software development success.

We support our development projects with a tailored maintenance service that guarantees our clients capitalization on the investment made throughout the entire life cycle.

To obtain the best results, we use scalable and consolidated technologies and platforms, with cloud architectures.

Tech Stack

Software consulting

Many of your company’s areas and processes use, need and rely on one or more software solutions in order to operate. The chosen solutions and technologies are responsible for a great share of your company’s efficiency, costs, learning curves, decision making, and flexibility to adapt. 

So, given this reality:

Why not ensure that the technological platform that supports your business is aligned with the company's objectives?

Why not ensure that your technological platform is aligned with the future and trends of the technology market?

Why not analyze the potential economic and/or productive impact of possible updates of your technological platform?

Why not analyze the actual cost and risks of your technological platform?

We offer your company the possibility to capitalize on our experience and knowledge. We become a strategic technological partner for our clients, ensuring that they base their technological decisions on the right arguments. We accompany those strategic decisions of your company through the entire process to ensure the achievement of short, medium and long term goals.

Staff Augmentation & Outsourcing

Talent is the most important resource that any company can have. For this reason, our main focus when offering staffing services is the quality of the talent that is made available. Project delivery acceleration, development structure expansion, enhanced development teams flexibility and scalability, restructuring IT needs, high  technical complexity problem solving, costs reduction and efficiency  improvement, are some of our clients goals  that we seek to satisfy.

Why is it convenient to add LATAM talent to your team?

LATAM developers are highly demanded and there are several reasons for it:

Great and skilled professionals

Same U.S. quality engineers but for an affordable price.

Ideal time zone

Decentralized team, from Argentina to Mexico, allowing us to collaborate with you during regular business hours and attend meetings.

English proficiency

High written and spoken English level, assuring fluent communication between team members.

There are different models through which we offer our services seeking to adapt to the wide variety of needs that each client and project presents. Staff augmentation and outsourcing of a dedicated team of experts are considered the most popular models. Each model offers a different balance of benefits, responsibilities, and costs. We can provide you with the solution that meets your company or project needs.

Basic contract models:

Time & Materials contract

Fixed Price contract

Flexible scope contract

Pain share / Gain share contract

Support & Maintenance

We know that post-deployment support is as or more important than the development of the solution itself. We understand that a development project does not end with production deployment, but rather begins. For this reason we offer a complete range of support and maintenance services that seek to guide and enable success through the entire life cycle of the software solution.


We provide custom support services that match each project and client needs. Our goal is for you to capitalize on your investment over time with the necessary support and advice, enabling you to maintain, monitor, improve, and continuously develop each idea.

Technical Support:


It offers communication channels through which users contact us with any concerns or problems they may have while using the solution. This service is oriented to attend directly and exclusively to the personnel of the company that is affected by the solution.


It also contemplates all the uptime guarding and monitoring tasks that the solution requires. Among them we can mention backup management, log monitoring, performance monitoring, management tasks and the production environment maintenance.

good functioning

This service is essential to guarantee a good functioning of the solution, a fast integration and adaptation of the affected users, and the possibility of having early warnings and containment structures that allows to tackle and/or avoid possible problems or setbacks.

CAEP Support (corrective, adaptive, evolutionary, perfective):

This service is directly oriented to the software solution itself. It offers all the necessary support for its continuous development. It groups the four fundamental aspects required by any software project that intends to sustain itself over time:


Corrects the defects found and reported in the software that causes a different behavior than desired. These failures can be of processing, performance, programming, security, stability, among others.


It incorporates solutions for changes to the environment of the application. Sometimes it may be essential to adapt the solution and implement modifications to maintain its full functionality for these new conditions.


It is a special case where adaptation is practically mandatory, since otherwise the solution would become obsolete over time. For example, new versions of operating systems, browsers, hardware, software technologies used. This constant evolution of the general environment usually forces adjustments to the solution.


For different reasons, users usually require the addition of new functionalities, tweeks or features not initially contemplated. Perfective maintenance adapts the solution to those new requirements.

Agro Solutions

Since our beginnings we have had a strong bond with the agricultural industry. This industry is going through a paradigm shift, especially in management, driven mainly by the generational renewal that is naturally more adapted and more aware of the growth of information technologies and their innate advantages. Additionally, constant expansion of the communications infrastructure works as a shift facilitator and accelerator, and the need to provide food and raw materials to a growing world population, are the key incentives that enforces the industry to work more efficiently on every aspect.


We provide management software solutions for the agricultural industry seeking substantial improvements that generate a positive impact on the overall performance of our clients and the efficiency of their production processes.


Business Use Cases

Agriculture management

Livestock management

Equine management

Farming management

Agricultural inputs and stock management

Production campaign planning and analysis